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Tropic Model


Galvanized steel with Zinc 275 gr/m2

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Wind speed of up to 150 km/h

Vegetable load of up to 25 kg/m2

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The Steel Structure Standard 1225

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The Structural Loads Standards 414/1982 and 412/1992

Fixed vent top window


Tropic Model

Maximize the potential of your vast tropical landscape with our purpose-built greenhouse, engineered to ensure superior indoor airflow.  

Tailored for tropical regions, our greenhouse is showcasing a top permanent window, facilitating continuous ventilation for optimal plant healt  and ideal environment for robust plant growth. 

Experience the epitome of greenhouse design with this structure, meticulously crafted to enhance airflow and foster optimal growing conditions.

Embrace the endless possibilities of your tropical paradise.
Gable width: 6.4m
Gutter height: 3.5m-5.5m

The greenhouse size adjusts based on demand


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