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Our high-spec smart sprinklers and water management systems distribute water efficiently, allowing a variety of crops to thrive in varying outdoor conditions.


Water management in outdoor farming

Whether you’re running a small rural development project or a large-scale commercial enterprise, water is the lifeblood of your farm. So every one of our turnkey farming solutions comes complete with the smart sprinkler systems you need to increase and maintain a yield of premium produce cost-effectively. GreenThumb smart sprinkler systems have been developed through decades of experience and are in use across thousands of kilometers of open field irrigation worldwide.


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Which Crops Thrive Under Smart Sprinkler Systems?

When water management and irrigation are easily managed, it is possible to grow an extensive variety of crops. The GreenThumb research and development department has pioneered the design of sprinkler systems that support herbicide management while simultaneously allowing a variety of root vegetables, industrial crops, and semi-intensive crops to thrive in outdoor environments. Examples include:

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Plant & Irrigation System

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Turnkey Open Field Irrigation Solutions

To provide effective open field irrigation in a diverse range of conditions, each of our turnkey farming solutions comes with a detailed water management plan that is unique to our agronomic evaluations of your site based on location, climate, and topography data. Every water management plan is based on the three core principles for water use in agriculture:

  1. Water intake and collection

  2. Water storage 

  3. Intelligent use of water


Our smart technology solutions negate the need for wasteful irrigation devices that expedite the use of natural water resources. To stimulate high output and premium yields, our smart sprinkler systems are combined with tried-and-tested water collection and storage techniques to achieve controlled irrigation, whereby:

  • Water is distributed evenly to maximize the moisture content of the soil.

  • Wastage is minimized, guaranteeing a steady water supply throughout the dry season.

  • Water quality is preserved (although supplementary water treatment is available).

  • Micro-climate considerations ranging from frost to extremely high temperatures can be effectively combatted.


GreenThumb Smart Sprinkler Systems

From overhead systems to under-tree irrigation and low-angle sprinklers, each of our open field irrigation solutions is designed to achieve optimum results on plots of up to and over 50,000 hectares. 

Every system includes moisture and irrigation management controllers so farmers can easily adjust the water quantities provided to each crop in accordance with their specific needs.

Our sprinkler catalog includes an extensive range of controlled irrigation and fertilization systems, all utilizing smart water management. Contact us today to order yours or find out more about the technical specifications and capabilities of our advanced outdoor farming solutions.

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