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As part of our complete solution approach, Argos provides end-to-end support, guidance, and training throughout every stage of your greenhouse project.


Installing Your  Greenhouse

When you choose GreenThumb as your agri greenhouse project partner, you’ll have all the support and guidance you need throughout setup until your facility is finished and ready to go. The GreenThumb team comprises a group of seasoned experts in various fields, all with years of experience and the know-how you need to make your greenhouse farming business a success.

Our turnkey greenhouse solutions come with a full support kit,  taking you from design to completion. We can conduct additional knowledge transfer either online or on-site, depending on client preference. Either way, you’ll have on-site installation support throughout the whole setup process.


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Greenhouse Structure and Installation Management

Each of our smart greenhouse solutions come with a dedicated installation supervisor who will oversee the entire process to the highest standards and the satisfaction of our clients. Starting from the very first shovel of soil until your commercial greenhouse is fully functioning, your installation expert will project manage the entire setup, help with logistics, advise on best practices, and answer any questions you may have.

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Indoor Cultivation Agronomy Support

One of the biggest benefits of investing in one of our turnkey greenhouse farming solutions is that you have access to expert agronomy support and training to ensure that your crop is premium quality and your output is maximized from the off. We’ll give you all the technical know-how and on-site training you need to operate and automate climate and irrigation controls. Plus, we’re there to support you in the first few critical months to ensure your plans stay on track and your greenhouse farming enterprise succeeds.


Smart Technology Assistance

Each greenhouse project comes complete with unique design fixtures planned to your specific requirements for temperature control, irrigation, and electricity.


Our advanced Israeli greenhouse technology provides farmers with a new generation of cultivation techniques thanks to our cutting-edge agricultural innovation methodologies. While our systems are designed to be durable, efficient, and easy to use, our technical experts will guide you through the more complex logistics and best practices to ensure a smooth transition from setup to full operation.

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Industrial greenhouse growing leafy greens

Our Greenhouse Project Safety Guarantee

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art commercial greenhouse solutions that are both productive and safe.


When you partner with GreenThumb, the installation and assembly of your greenhouse farming equipment will be conducted to the highest possible standards and in accordance with local labor legislation and guidelines.



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