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Family Kit Model

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Galvanized steel with Zinc 275 gr/m2

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The Steel Structure Standard 1225

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The Structural Loads Standards 414/1982 and 412/1992


Family Kit

Introducing our Family Kit Model greenhouse, a versatile solution suitable for both small-scale agriculture in local communities and large-scale projects requiring multiple greenhouse units. With its eco-friendly design and easy operation, this greenhouse ensures consistent crop production across various agricultural operations. Promoting regional food security, this greenhouse reduces food transportation fees and minimizes the need for water and electricity infrastructures. It can be used with both on-soil or soilless cultivation methods, providing flexibility for your growing needs.


Additionally, this model is available with a roof window, providing essential airflow for ventilation. Moreover, irrigation and fertilizing can be done traditionally using a high-pressure pump or through a gravitational irrigation system using a collapsible water tank, featuring a steel frame and tower with high-quality, long-lasting PVC sheeting.


Fertilizers are easily mixed into the water tank for daily irrigation, optimizing crop growth and quality. Unlock the potential of agriculture with the Family Kit Model greenhouse, where sustainability meets efficiency for abundant harvests and community resilience.

The greenhouse size adjusts based on demand
Width: 10m 
Leghnth: Ranging from 15m-51m 


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